The Ultimate Guide to a Mini Lease Transfer

Anthony October 24, 2019

The Ultimate Guide to a Mini Lease Transfer

If you’re a fan of Mini Coopers like I am, you will absolute this ultimate guide to doing a Mini lease transfer. It’s naturally for you to have questions if this is your first time. Before I dive in, let me tell you about my background. I’ve successfully taken over 3 car leases. Furthermore, my third car lease (my present vehicle) is a 2018 Red Mini Cooper Countryman. By being involved in a Mini lease transfer, in addition to doing this several times, this guide will be able to point you in all the right directions.

You might feel uneasy doing a Mini car lease, or essentially doing one of your first lease transfers, but you might have a ton of questions on how to do it the right way. Fortunately, every single experience I’ve had (including Mini) has been positive.
First let me tell you about the Mini lease transfer deal I got. The car had an MSRP of 42k. The original buyer put some money down on the vehicle, bringing the lease payment down to $385/month. There was 18 months left on the lease with very low miles (around 10,000 miles). The buyer not only gave me a $1500 incentive, he paid for shipping (I was a few states over).

Let’s analyze that. I got a Mini lease transfer with a $42k MSRP, I received $1500 & got the car delivered to my driveway. Awesome right! With feelings like that, I want everyone in the United States to know about this. I want them to feel what I felt, by getting a vehicle I’ve always wanted & paying insanely lower than a dealer would. By the way, I went to a Mini dealer, the best deal I got was $250 more a month, 36 months (not 18 months) and the Mini dealer definitely was not giving me $1500!

I completely understand that lease transfers are not for everyone, going through the Mini dealer for a deal is just insane. As a result, I started this Mini lease transfer guide as a hope to educate you along the way. Enjoy!

In this Mini lease transfer guide, I will go over the following:
How to Do a Mini Lease Transfer
How Much is the Mini Lease Transfer Fee
How to Speed Up the Mini Lease Transfer Timeline
How is the Mini Lease Transfer Process
Transfer my Mini Lease – Help

How to Do a Mini Lease Transfer

The #1 rule when doing a MINI lease transfer is to actually speak with the lease holding company. Chances are, the lease holding company is MINI Financial Services. If you’re not 100%, sure you MINI statement. You’ll see the lease holding company with a phone number that you can call. You’ll want to know, directly from the MINI rep, what’s involved to transfer your Mini lease. That same rep will point you to documentation (either online or he will send it to your email address). Since a lease transfer is a rather straight forward process, the documentation from Mini Financial Services will cover most of the information you need. I highly recommend you contact them.

Like any car lease transfers, there are some restrictions. That’s no different from Mini! The largest restriction is actually pretty standard across all manufacturers. With Mini, you can not execute a lease transfer with 6 or less months left on your Mini lease. Lastly, your account with Mini needs to be up to day financially

How Much is the MINI Lease Transfer Fee

Surprise – every lease holding company, including MINI Financial Services, charges you a lease transfer. Considering MINI is part of BMW, a company that makes billions & billions of dollars, this should come at no surprise that there’s a Mini lease transfer fee. The MINI lease transfer fee is $500. The $500 includes the credit application of the buyer. If the buyer does not pass the credit check, the buyer doesn’t pay the full $500. However, the buyer will still need to pay $100. You’re still paying to get rejected – ouch!

How to Speed Up the MINI Lease Transfer Timeline

With a Mini lease transfer, both the buyer & seller are really wanting to get the transfer completed as quickly as possible. That time frame, is what establishes the MINI lease transfer timeline. The very first step to get the ball rolling is the potential buyer passing the credit check from Mini Financial services. If the buyer doesn’t pass, then the process ends right there. If the buyer passes, then the fun begins! The credit check is typically answered within one to two business days.
Next up on the Mini lease transfer timeline is when the buyer & seller receive the lease transfer paperwork from Mini.

While the information is rather straight forward, the process can be sped up by both sides ACCURATELY filling out the paperwork. If something is not done properly, it will cause a delay. Afterwards, make sure you are mailing it (with tracking) to the proper address. The address will be on the Mini lease transfer paperwork, so don’t get it from anywhere else!

Upon review & approval from Mini Financial Services, MINI will send the buyer & seller the executed paperwork for finalized lease transfer. At this point, the Mini lease is know in the buyer’s name. At this point, is when the seller can now give the vehicle to the buyer. The next steps are the logistics in getting the leased vehicle to the buyer. MINI has no involvement in this process.

Believe it or not, any holdup in a Mini lease transfer is due to the buyer & seller, not MINI. A trick that has always worked for me is to call the lease holding company & get a status of the transfer. Call daily if you feel you need to, MINI makes billions of dollars a year, they are there to service you!

How is the Mini Lease Transfer Process

The truth is, MINI is amazing at lease transfers! Their paperwork states the process can take up to 3 weeks. In my case, it took 10 days for it to be fully completed. What was a huge help was the seller was trying to get out, while I was wanting to get right into the lease. The MINI lease transfer process is very smooth, with excellent communication & very clear documentation.

Having someone to answer the phone at MINI makes the process incredibly smooth. It’s probably my favorite part when you get to the documentation process.

Transfer My Mini Lease – Help

If you’re still trying to figure out how to transfer my Mini lease, the key is proper information.. Reading guides like this truly helps in education. Combine this with the ability to speak to Mini Financial services, you have a set of tools that will allow you to move forward confidently. Don’t feel guilty for calling Mini Financial Services daily, or multiple times a day. Mini makes billions of dollars + they are there to service you the customer!

Your parameters are set, you’re now hopefully feeling more comfortable about lease transfers than you did a few minutes ago. Great!

Now comes the hard part for man – finding a buyer to takeover your MINI lease. The next natural question is how long does it take to find a buyer for my Mini lease. Well, that answer is tricky. It’s kind of like selling a house. You can find a buyer the first day it hits the market, or it can take months & months. The best advice I can give you when you’re trying to transfer my Mini lease is as follows:

1. List your Mini on a lease transfer website – I have to plug Lease Transfer Club somewhere right! Let’s keep this simple, a car lease transfer site gives a seller access to a pool of buyers. These aren’t just any buyers, these are car buyers interested in taking of a car lease. As you can imagine, this specialized pool of people are very specific and hard to find. By having access to this specialized pool, the chances of getting someone to takeover your Mini lease exponentially increases. Another way to look at your Mini lease is like a online dating profile – you need to put yourself out there.

2. Create an Amazing Mini Profile – Let’s go back to the dating analogy. You 100% need to make sure your Mini car lease stands out. We all love pictures, so make sure you take good ones, interior & exterior. Day time & night time. Show some personality into the ad!

3. Offer an Incentive – No one likes giving money away, but let’s face it, customers love getting cash back. If you’re serious about wanting to get out of your car lease, offer a cash incentive. The $1500 offer from the buyer I took the Countryman from, was a HUGE reason why I moved forward. The number you put is entirely up to you, but remember, you’re not the only car lease in town looking to get out!


As you can probably tell, I’m not a fan of car dealerships. A step further, I’m not a fan of buying brand new cars. What other “asset” do you know of that depreciates it the second you purchase it. No Thanks! Add in insane dealer fees, crazy markups, money down, nope. Remember, these car manufactures make BILLIONS of dollars a year. Take advantage of this world of car lease transfers. I promise once you start, you will be hooked & will never look back.

Stop through a Mini dealer to get your Mini car lease. Instead, go d directly to a buyer that is eager to take over your Mini lease. Even though the process might take some time, the end results can not be denied! You can check out a list Minis available for lease here.

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