How to Transfer a Car Lease

Anthony May 7, 2019

When it comes to car lease transfers, it comes down to these 6 simple steps.

  • Signup at
    • Sellers: Post your ad, & enter in your car details.  Once your post is live, eager buyers can search your ad & contact you. These buyers will email you directly to negotiate a lease transfer.
    • Buyers: Search for all the various auto leases available, directly from the existing lease holder.  Message the seller directly to communicate further on the car lease transfer opportunity.
  • Lease Holding Company
    • Once the seller & buyer agree on terms, the seller will contact the lease holding company (ex Mercedes Financial) to start the process of transferring a car lease. While every lease holding companies have different rules, almost all of them will need to run a credit check on the prospective buyer.  If the buyer qualifies, the lease holding company will finalize the paperwork with you. Since this is all done directly with the lease holding company, you would never have to give information to a third party or to
  • Inspection
    • If the pictures and/or videos provided by the seller isn’t sufficient to the buyer, you can pay a third party company to inspect the vehicle.
  • Insurance
    • If the lease holding company approves the buyer, the buyer will need to contact it’s car insurance company to add vehicle onto the policy. The lease holding company can provide you the specific details needed for the vehicle to be added onto the policy.
  • Shipping
    • If the seller needs to ship the vehicle to the buyer, both parties should communicate the details surrounding logistics & cost.
  • DMV
    • Once the buyer & seller receives a fully executed transfer agreement, the lease holding company will send the details over to your local DMV – the one provided by you. From here, you will go to DMV to finalize the last step.

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