How to Get a Seller to Offer You an Incentive

Anthony June 17, 2019

How to Get a Seller to Offer You an Incentive
If you’ve read our emails, you know we are HUGE fans of incentives. It helps sellers sell & motivates buyers to act. So, what happens when a seller does not offer an incentive? Here are some ways to turn that $0 of incentives into real cash.

Are You a Serious Buyer?

The #1 rule is to come across as a serious buyer, one who puts his money (or her money) where their mouth is.  If you indicate to a seller that you’re highly interested & would like to move fast, the seller will be more than willing to work with you (in most cases). If you establish this up front, the guard comes down a little with the wallet opening up ever so slightly.


Is the seller’s mileage high? As in, you aren’t left with enough miles as you’d expect for your lease. If so, indicate that and try to work out a dollar figure.


Don’t overlook wear & tear on tires – especially on rear wheel sports cars. You will either need to replace the tires while using it, or pay a replacement fee when you turn in the vehicle if the thread count is under a specific number.

Dings & Dents

If the vehicle has minor dings and dents, you should definitely request funds for that . Reason being, it eats into your allowance when you turn in the vehicle. If it’s a major ding or dent, have it fixed before you proceed.

Transfer Fees

Every lease holding company has some sort of transfer fee. Ask the seller to pay for the transfer fee if you , the buyer, passes (and pays) for the credit check with the lease holding company. Ex. “I’ll pay the credit check, but if I pass, I’d like for you to pay the transfer fee”.

Remember, every car and lease is different. If a seller is in no rush to get rid of the vehicle, of simply doesn’t like the terms of the deal, he can simply wait for the next buyer. The goal here is not to be greedy, but to extract some cash incentive on the transfer.

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