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2020 BMW 330i Lease Takeover

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More details are below, but here’s the deal:

1) Lease transfer is done through BMW Financial. I wish I could give you the keys tomorrow and be done with it, but it’s not that easy.
2) The process will take several weeks.
3) You will need to apply for credit with BMW Financial. YOU WILL ALSO PAY A $500 FEE WITH THE CREDIT APPLICATION. This is their process and their rules, not mine. So, BE SERIOUS ABOUT THIS. Also, I am giving you money at the end of this process. More on that later.
4) If your credit application is denied by BMW, they will keep $100 of the fee you paid and refund you the rest. So, HAVE GOOD CREDIT. I will not refund you the $100 kept by BMW if your application is not approved.
5) If your credit application is approved, we move into the paperwork, title, etc. BMW will each of us what we need to do. Their process. Not mine.
6) When the paperwork is done and I am released from the financial liability of the car, I will give you the keys. I WILL ALSO GIVE YOU $1,500. This is what it is worth to me to exit the lease, and it makes the terms more favorable to you. I will not give you the car before the paperwork is done.
7) Maintenance for the life of the lease is INCLUDED in the payment—we’re talking oil changes AND brake service. Included. You take it in, they do the work, you pay zero, you drive home.
8) Any questions, let me know. Thanks!



You will take over a lease on a 2020 BMW 330i. Super low miles which means super many miles left for you to drive! Vehicle currently has ~5,700 miles (only about 2,000 by me over 6+ months) and is due back in March 2023 with ~39,000 miles. By my math, that’s about 33,000 miles left over 29 months, which is over 1,100 miles a month and 13,650 miles per year! Wow!

Current lease payment is $511 per month, excluding tax. The day I give you the keys to the car, I will also give you $1,500.

I’ve never done a lease takeover on either end, but you will have to apply for credit directly with BMW. The fee for entering into this process is $500. If you qualify, great—we all move forward toward you taking the car. If you don’t qualify, you’re refunded $400 of the $500 fee. So, just have great credit and be serious about this thing and we’re all good. Plus, the $1,500 I’ll give you means that fee is covered. Registration is due in November so this would also help cover that.

The car is great, I just no longer need it. Any questions or if you would like to see the car, please reach out. I paid for maintenance to be covered for the life of the lease and this would be transferred to you in the process—this would cover all oil changes AND brake service.

It did have a repair to the front bumper which was done with original parts by a dealer-recommended shop. There’s a story here. I’ll tell you about it if you ask. But the car is great. It’s barely been driven. I entered into the lease one week before the pandemic hit and won’t be driving for a long time. Take the car from me!

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